Monday, 28 February 2011

Double Page Spread No.2

This is a double page spread of the band Paramore taken from a Kerrang Magazine, this double page spread is not as good as the My Chemical Romance double pagge spread as there isnt as much information on this one.

Double Page Spread

This is a double page spread analysis of a band called My Chemical Romance.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Front Page Analysis of Kerrang Magazine Cover No.2

I have to decided to anaylse 2 kerrang magazine, I decided to do this as my genre is going to be rock and this is a rock magazine. I like to show the contrast between the two magazine covers because one is a band with the main singer being the girl and she is stood in the middle in contrast to the other one where it is an all male band and the main singer is at the front, but the difference is that the cover with the band with the main singer is a girl, the colours are softer and it is more happy compared to the all male band which the contrast of the colours are harsher and the picture is of the men with blood on them

Monday, 21 February 2011

Mood Board...

I have created a mood board to show the genre I have chosen, it shows the type of music, the style and the fashion of rock/metal music. The rock/metal genre has a big following at this moment in time. I have included a few of my favourite bands/artists in this mood board, these are :- Paramore, Bring me the Horizon, David Grohl, Fightstar, Blink 182 and Fall out Boy. I have also included some of the rock/metal style and fashion such as Vans, which is a clothing/skateboard/surfing/shoe company also a pair of skullcandy headphones. I also included the KERRANG sign which is a popular magazine for this genre. Also in my mood board I have shown the line up for the Leeds festival 2010, which included many rock/metal bands. The last thing I added was a diagram of piercings on the facial area, which is a popular fashion for people who are into rock and metal.

Genre Analysis...

For my genre, I have chosen the mix of, rock/alternative/metal for my music magazine, I have chosen this as these are my favourtie genres of music. Above is a few examples of the type of music I will be doing in my magazine. They are, paramore, foo fighters, 30 seconds to mars, bring me the horizon, all time low, blink 182 and fightstar. I feel this genre is a good choice to base my magazine around as there is many directions I can take with this genre.

Front Page Analysis of Kerrang Magazine Cover

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Music Questionnaire

I have set up a questionnaire for people to fill in so I have research and feedback. Feel free to fill in my questionnaire as it would be a great help, Thanks.