Monday, 21 February 2011

Mood Board...

I have created a mood board to show the genre I have chosen, it shows the type of music, the style and the fashion of rock/metal music. The rock/metal genre has a big following at this moment in time. I have included a few of my favourite bands/artists in this mood board, these are :- Paramore, Bring me the Horizon, David Grohl, Fightstar, Blink 182 and Fall out Boy. I have also included some of the rock/metal style and fashion such as Vans, which is a clothing/skateboard/surfing/shoe company also a pair of skullcandy headphones. I also included the KERRANG sign which is a popular magazine for this genre. Also in my mood board I have shown the line up for the Leeds festival 2010, which included many rock/metal bands. The last thing I added was a diagram of piercings on the facial area, which is a popular fashion for people who are into rock and metal.

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